Our Mission

  • Our commitment to our students is to give them the highest quality technology education.

  • We are obsessed with our students building skills throughout their lives.

  • We live to help our students acquire a craft that can give form to their dreams, ideas and aspirations.

  • We create unparalleled education experiences in every medium that exists.

Values of our Organization

  • Customer Obsession : Our leaders show an obsession to make learning possible for our students.

  • Highest Standards : Our leaders hold the highest standards when creating content for our users. They know without high quality, our mission can’t hold itself up. They are constantly thinking of ways to raise the quality bar.

  • Customer Promise : Our leaders will deal with the student and their data with the greatest integrity.

  • Communicate Respectfully : We value leaders that can communicate disagreement, uncomfortable messages and handle difficult situations with respect.

  • Right kind of ambition : Our leaders are excited by the mission of the company more than optimizing for their own careers. They are exceptional at applying ethics in difficult situations. They think big but they can also do the smallest of tasks without attachment to their titles. They never let profit compromise the learning experience.

  • Learning for life : Our leaders are lifelong learners. They champion learning within the organization.

  • Results : Our leaders have the capability and integrity to deliver qualitative results in a timely fashion despite setbacks and imperfect conditions.